How to re-calibrate Daydream VR controller?

First of all, this guide applies to the Daydream controller SC07B by Ad Cardboard only, it shall not work for original Google Daydream View controller.

Recently some report with issue that the cursor drifts on its own sometimes, especially after you twist or wave the controller in violent movement, and the cursor beam deviates from the direction your controller points at.


Though you can fix it temporarily by pressing Home button to recenter it,  we know it is frustrating, or even drive you crazy while you are in a game.

We find this issue occurs in a certain percentage of the early lots, the reason is calibration work had not been done properly before delivery. If your controller has this issue, you have to re-calibrate it manually. Don’t worry, it’s only several easy steps:


The step 2 may be confusing to you. I believe, so smart as you, you must have lots of good idea. For example, find a square box, fix the controller on or inside the box, then place the box on a level table, twist its long side in 360 degree, then wide side, then height side. You can try many times till the light turns from red to white. Now try with your VR headset. If the issue still exists, try again.

Hope it helps, thank you!


Author: Gary Hu

Managing director of Ad Cardboard.

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